Ghar Ki Dukkan (“GKD”)

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Farmers in India have a cyclical income and are unable to make ends meet if there is a crop failure of any kind. The margin between their income and savings is razor thin, and many farmers lose money every year and are in deep financial debt.

GDK is a platform that leverages technology to efficiently match the supply and demand of daily goods between farmers and co-ops.

One of GKD’s aims is to improve farmers’ expense management and affect savings rates by creating a platform that creates predictable supply and demand curves for a basket of consumable goods for the farmers’ household.

GKD leverages subscription fees from farmers to enable bulk purchases by co-ops. The resulting savings from bulk purchases allows co-ops to pass on savings to farmers.

GKD’s technology platform leverages SMS vouchers as currency between the two parties and creates transparency on frequency of purchases and availability of the basket of goods by participating co-op stores.