Live Product

“A live, friction-free ‘pulse’ of organisational health, encompassing both wellbeing & engagement, to predict & pre-empt risks & support real time course correction before issues escalate”

Engagement is a major corporate priority and differentiator in talent acquisition & organisational performance.  High levels of engagement are proven to drive uplifts in earnings per share and outperformance of annualised returns, yet only 13% of employees across the globe are reported as being engaged and a further 24% fall into the actively disengaged classification.

We believe a change in dynamics of workplaces, evidenced in the gradual decline of “a job for life”, is fuelling the need to redefine how organisations are approaching engagement & wellbeing.  Trends we observe in this space and which underpin the TeamTempo concept include:

Recognition that engagement is a complex beast encompassing both internal and external pressures: e.g. corporate culture vs. competing priorities outside of work

Motivation is as essential as ops & financial metrics, with a need for regular data points to facilitate issue identification

The changing dynamics of the competition for talent – driven by increasingly varied competitors battling to attract the same talent pools, where environment becomes a big deciding factor

Empowering managers to take immediate action and course correct in real time, before lag indicators manifest themselves

TeamTempo aims to build a tangible means of measuring organisational health, leveraging high frequency and low friction methods of tapping into diverse sources of data to help organisations understand the interplay of wellbeing & engagement and quantify, predict and pre-empt risk.

We will be piloting TeamTempo with the support of our MetLife Australia Health & Wellbeing team, with live beta customers in Q4 2017.

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