Four Consumer and Technology Trends: A Prediction

Published on September 5, 2016

The year is 2021. How has the world changed? What are consumers demanding from their…


Dr Lee Ng’s Interview: Innovating in insurance

Published on August 10, 2016

In a recent interview with LumenLab’s Chief Operating Officer and VP of Innovation, Dr Lee Ng…


Zia Zaman’s Interview: LumenLab and Innovation in MetLife

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Dr Lee Ng: How to successfully innovate

Published on October 30, 2015

Good ideas are those that may sound obvious, but your unique execution makes it difficult…


A better you – the future of tech startups

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Progress naturally creates its own offspring. Every great innovation solves problems, and it also creates new ones….


A matcha lava cake approach to innovation

Published on July 28, 2015

There are essentially two kinds of cooks — those who like to follow recipes, and…


MetLife creates innovation centre to rethink Asian insurance

Published on November 4, 2014

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